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These are the EMEGS (Qt version) help files.


1. release notes

1.1 what's new?

2. installation

2.1 Installation guide for Linux
2.2 Installation guide for MAC
2.3 Installation guide for Windows

3. data preprocessing and editing

3.1 general data preparation
3.2 analysis settings and study folder
3.3 analysis procedure, data import and batch processing
3.4 result storage and export
3.5 event-related potentials/magnetic fields
3.5a opening a data file
3.5a transposing, filtering and rereferencing
3.5b extracting data epochs
3.5c occular correction
3.5d calculation of epoch statistics
3.5e artefact threshold & event-related averaging
3.6 electrocardiography
3.7 electrodermal activity
3.8 electromyography
3.9 reflexive startle myography
3.10 impedance cardiography
3.11 accelerometry
3.12 continuous arterial pressure
3.13 pulse plethysmography
3.14 marker analysis
3.15 spectral analysis
3.16 crossspectral analysis
3.17 view raw analysis
3.18 view epoch analysis
3.19 view average analysis
3.20 view sql analysis

4. data review and visualization

4.1 raw data display (low number of channels)
            4.1a Customizing raw data display
4.2 raw data display (high number of channels)
4.3 2d ERP/ERF display
4.3a Data import
4.3b Sensor configurations
4.3c Amplitude scaling
4.3d Baseline settings & timing
4.3e Customizing 2d graphs
4.3f Sensor groups
4.3g Intervals
4.3h Channel zoom
4.3i Global Power
4.3j Snapshots and printing
4.4 3d ERP/ERF display
4.4a Coloring options
4.4b Statistical coloring
4.4c Intervals
4.4d Plot formats
4.4e Customizing 3d graphs
4.4f Render models
4.4g Sensors
4.4h Sensor positioning
4.4i Spherical spline interpolation
4.4j lights
4.4k cover
4.4l plot arrays
4.4m Snapshots and printing
4.5 database data display

5. statistics and extended data analysis

5.1 value export & calculations
5.2 R - Integration
5.4 source localization 

6. user interface reference

6.1 Main window
6.2 Dialogs
6.3 Docking windows
6.4 Toolbars
6.5 Menus

7. license

8. about